Greenwich Floral Design began after owner Janet Webb realized the thrill of an unexpected delivery of beautiful, fresh flowers from her husband. No matter the circumstances, the arrival of a bouquet of blooms made any day special. 

She knew she wanted to pursue a career in recreating this joy for others. As a former teacher and costume designer, Janet was excited to bring her creative talents and eye for design to the floral industry. After a few arranging classes, she was hooked. She left her position as a school administrator, quickly transformed the garage of her Thousand Oaks, California home into a fully-functional floral workshop, and never looked back. 

For her, creating flower arrangements to express the sentiments of others is a labor of love. She has a hand in every design and takes personal care in selecting unique materials to produce artisan arrangements for special occasions.

And while flowers may not last forever, the beautiful memory never fades




We have a wonderful group of people who help make every arrangement and event happen. It's definitely personal service and a labor of love. 

And our shop would not be complete without our shop dogs: Miles, Shirley and Ruthie. They are always excited to greet visitors at the shop -- even if they're a little loud with their welcome. You can usually find them standing guard over the flowers on their bed, and maybe catching a few snacks that fall on the shop floor. 





Shop Dog